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Introduction to Corporate Reels & Event Videos

Corporate reels & event videos are a dynamic and captivating video format that allows you to effectively highlight your products, processes and/or manufacturing capabilities. Through a fast-paced montage enriched with onscreen graphics, this compelling video captures the essence of your brand, emphasizing key points that leave a lasting impression on your audience. The sizzle reel serves as a great starting point for your video journey, enabling you to build a versatile film library that can be utilized in future endeavors.

Corporate Reels & Event Videos fall under a unique category. They are not scripted, nor are they grounded in narrative storytelling. However, they do give your audience a visual window into your people, places, products and processes. Below we will discuss the difference between a sizzle reel and an event video.

Sizzle Reels

Sizzle Reels are designed to be high energy, fast moving visual attention getters, often with upbeat music. You might want to showcase the visuals of an art exhibited, your facility, the products you manufacture, the processes used in manufacturing or the people that you employ. Because they typically do not have an underlying narrative, animation, text and graphics often provide the information that needs to be emphasized. The general purpose is to provide an entertaining manner in which to relay information, but visual and textual. Like everything else in video production, the price depends upon the man variable, time required to film, the size crew to accomplish the types of filming, the time required to edit and animate. However, most sizzle reels tend to fall into the less expensive categories. The ultimate goal of a sizzle reel is to visually impress the audience regarding your people, places, products or processes, thereby increase brand awareness.

Corporate Reels

Creating a company reel is an effective way to showcase your company’s people, processes and products in a visually engaging manner. Interviews are not required for a corporate reel, though the b-roll footage captured for the reel may certainly be used for future corporate video storytelling that would include interviews and voice-overs. Most corporate reels can be filmed in 1-3 days, depending upon the size of the facilities. If budgets are small but your company wants to have it’s first video produced, sizzle reels are a great way to start.

Event Videos

Event Videos are intended to highlight the people, place and activities of a specific event. They may contain authentic interviews from a variety of people attending the event explaining what the event meant to them. Seldom do event video contain a narrative or on-camera talent. Like a sizzle reel, the visuals are fast moving, with high energy music. They also tend to contain animation, text and graphics to provide information on the event. The ultimate goal is to showcase the excitement and energy of the event and entice the audience to want to attend the event.

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