Barking Squirrel Media

BACKCHANNEL Commercial Video

This Backchannel Commercial Video launches a new and ground breaking approach to settling lawsuits. Backchannel is a web application and maybe your most powerful tool for getting deals done. It uses a guided, 3-step process that allows parties to confidentially submit their real settlement numbers. In other words, the parties can submit what they’d actually be willing to payor accept to resolve a case, not the inflated numbers that are typical in settlement negotiations—to see if there is an agreement. Backchannel’s bank-level security means that no one knows your number—not the other side, the judge, not even a mediator—unless a deal is made.

As a video production company that tells the stories of organizations that make a positive impact in real people’s lives, the community and the world, we are trilled to release this commercial video called Backchannel. Barking Squirrel Media produced this compelling commercial film for Biller & Kimball to describe how Backchannel works. 


Producer: Dr David K Bray
Director: Dr. David K Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Creative Director: Christine Marque
Art Director: Christine Marque
Gaffer: Matt Henkes
Grip: Alex Ding
Audio: Reid Rice
Colorist: Kevin Best
Talent: Laura Jansen, John Bibby, Travis Hancock, Molly Garner, Emily L Smith, Lon Neese, Janean Myers, Matthew Simmons