Barking Squirrel Media

Bill Miller: A DCCH Tribute

Client: DCCH Center for Children and Families

Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media

Barking Squirrel Media produced this legacy film for DCCH in honor of Bill Miller. Bill was raised as an orphan from early childhood through high school at DCCH and then spent the rest of his life working at DCCH to love and raise the children that had no home. Barking Squirrel Media is always honored to tell the stories of organizations that help those that no one helps. 

Director: David Bray
Producer: David Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Gaffer: Christine Marque
Audio Mixer: Reid Rice
Production Assistants: Jenna Adkins, Markela Parker
Editorial: Barking Squirrel Media
Editor: Dan Marque