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CSX Family Day Video

Event Videography Memorializes Corporate Generosity at CSX

Event videography is a great way to nurture a positive culture and memorialize corporate generosity. When your company sponsors an event for your employees, it is a great idea to hire a video production company to capture the event and create a sizzle reel that can be used to promote future events, while reminding the public that you celebrate your people.

Event Videography Captures the Joy

One of the most rewarding things for senior leadership is to see the joy that corporate events puts on the smiling faces of children and families. Event videography captures these precious moments and memorializes them for the future. It’s hard to criticize leadership when they generously sponsor events that reward the hard work of their employees.

Event Videography Celebrates A Positive Corporate Culture

Employees love having fun time with their co-workers and their leadership. Such events allow leadership and staff to bond emotionally in a fun-filled setting. It is the perfect opportunity for leadership to show their casual side to their employees and nurture friendship and loyalty. It also gives employees an opportunity to meet and be recognized by the CEO. 

CSX Videography and the Mission of Barking Squirrel Media

It is the mission of Barking Squirrel Media to tell the stories of organizations that make a positive impact in real people’s lives, the community and the world. Filming for CSX helps us fulfill our mission.  CSX truly cares about their employees and the community. Hear the CEO of CSX, Joe Hinrichs, talk about  why it is important to CSX to offer a fun carnival-style family day for his employees so they can relax, have fun and celebrate being a part of the CSX family.  Also witness all the fun activities families experienced at this event and hear the joy and gratitude of the those that attended the CSX sponsored event. 

Agency: Crop Creative Media
Director: Dr. David K Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Gaffer/Cam Op 2: Matt Henkes
Grip: Alex Ding
Audio: Troy Howard
Photographer: Christine Marque
Editorial: Crop Creative Media