Barking Squirrel Media

Expo Wine Tasting 2020


Creating a film to introduce Expos’ wine tasting event was a journey in itself, a celebration of the art of winemaking and the joy of sharing its sensory delights. Through our lens, we embarked on a visual voyage that conveyed the essence of Expos’ commitment to excellence and the immersive experience awaiting attendees. The film became a symphony of swirling colors, fragrant aromas, and the clinking of glasses, evoking the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming event. With each carefully crafted shot and perfectly timed edit, we set the stage for a wine tasting extravaganza that promised to delight the palate and enchant the senses. Our film was more than an introduction; it was an invitation to savor the finest wines, forge unforgettable connections, and revel in the magic of Expos’ wine tasting event.

Agency: AGAR
Producer: Rob Mason
Director: Daniel Marque
Director of Photography: Dan Marque 
Grip: Alex Ding