Barking Squirrel Media

Manley Burke Law Firm Brand Story

Barking Squirrel Media conducted a thorough discovery process with Manley Burke Law Firm and produced a brand report that articulated who MB is, what they do, how they make a difference in real people’s lives and what differentiates them from their competitors. From this brand report, we created a creative concept, a script, conducted 2 site scouts, a storyboard and a shooting schedule. We filmed this brand story over two consecutive days and edited it over 5 days. There were two shots we were not satisfied with and refilmed them at no cost to the client because we always put the client first and our brand promise always guarantees  quality first.

Producer/Director: Dr David K Bray

Director of Photography/Editor: Dan Marque

Gaffer: Travis Thompson

Grip: Alex Ding

Script: Untold Content

Photographer: Christine Marque