Barking Squirrel Media

A Mother’s Story: Ben & Bertra

Check out this compelling mini documentary Barking Squirrel Media produced for SafeinHome. Story discovery was done through multiple zoom interviews prior to arriving to film in Arlington, Virginia. The goal of this story was to give hope to mother’s of severely autistic children. Bertra refused to accept the dismal diagnosis for Ben, her son and through much research, perseverance and great love, she provided Ben with the tools to live a beautiful, independent and self-determined life.

Barking Squirrel Media is a video production company that tells the stories of organizations that make a positive impact in real people’s lives, the community and the world. Many of the companies that we produce video content for have inspiring stories of how they help people in need in the communities where the reside. They also have amazing corporate cultures because they take great care of their employees, investing in continued education and training. These companies have unique approaches to problem solving that benefit both humanity and the business world.

Producer & Director: Dr. David K Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Matt Henkes
Editor: Christine Marque