Barking Squirrel Media

A Provider Story: Michelle Madden

Barking Squirrel Media produces mini-documentaries for companies & organizations nationwide. Such stories allow us to explore issues that need to be discussed,  debated and illuminated. We are most fulfilled when we can tell the stories of people that are helping those that no one helps. 

This mini-documentary tells the story of Michelle Madden, the CEO of Independence of Portage County. This organization serves people with developmental disabilities. The goal of this cinematic story was to show how the remote support of Safe In Home solves the greatest problem providers have: not enough direct service providers. In this mini-doc, Michelle address the most common fears family members and providers have about remote support and then demonstrates how remote support enables people with disabilities to live happy, self-determined, independent and fulfilling live

Producer & Director: Dr. David K Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Matt Henkes
Editor: Dr. David K. Bray