Barking Squirrel Media

Old Spice Shampoo Commercial

The Old Spice Shampoo Commercial was a collaboration between Director/Producer, Kyle Ebersole and Barking Squirrel Media’s video production team. Director Kyle Ebersole collaborated seamlessly with Barking Squirrel Media to orchestrate the creative vision and technical execution of the Old Spice Swagger Shampoo Commercial. Ebersole’s keen eye for detail and his ability to translate ideas into captivating visuals were instrumental in bringing this project to life. He worked closely with the production team, overseeing every aspect of the shoot, from casting to cinematography, ensuring that each frame exuded the desired confidence and charisma associated with the Old Spice brand. Ebersole’s leadership and artistic direction were crucial in capturing the essence of Swagger, making this commercial a visual masterpiece that resonates with audiences, leaving a lasting impression of style and confidence. 

With a deep understanding of the brand’s essence and its commitment to boldness and individuality, Marque expertly designed the cinematography to showcase the Old Spice product attributes in a way that was both engaging and memorable. His meticulous attention to lighting, color grading, and camera angles ensured that every frame exuded the same level of confidence and swagger that Old Spice is known for. Marque’s dedication to creating a visual language that resonated with the target audience was evident in every shot, making the Old Spice Swagger Shampoo Commercial not only a testament to Ebersole’s direction but also a testament to Marque’s cinematographic prowess. Together, their collaboration resulted in a commercial that was not just visually stunning but also an authentic representation of the brand’s identity.Ol

Director/Producer: Kyle Eli Ebersole
Producer: David Maley
Co-Director: Brandon Faris
Director of Photography: Daniel Marque (Barking Squirrel Media)
Gaffer: Matt Henkes
Grip: Alex Ding
On-Site Audio: Troy Howard (Iron Wing Studios)
Stylist: Cass Brake 
Stylist: Tom Venditelli
Art Director: Rob Grey
Set Design: Duke
Wardrobe & Props: Julie Long
PA: Jonathon Nickelson
BTS: Michael Malloy