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P&G Superiority Showcase Video

We were so honored to produce the opening P&G Superiority Showcase Video with the goal of setting the stage for a truly global and captivating event.

The Opening Moments of the P&G Superiority Showcase Video

We knew that the opening moments would be critical in capturing the P&G audience’s attention and building excitement. Through meticulous planning, creative storytelling, and innovative visual techniques, we crafted an intro video that not only piqued the interest of viewers but also resonated with the core themes of the conference.

The Result of the P&G Superiority Showcase Video

The result was a dynamic and engaging introduction that drew in audiences from every corner of the world, igniting their enthusiasm for the event and setting the tone for a truly exceptional conference experience.

The Video Showcases Excellence

Our intro video served as the gateway to a showcase of excellence and innovation, making it a key driver in bringing together a diverse and global audience eager to engage with P&G’s latest achievements and insights

Agency: AGAR
Producer: Rob Mason
Director: Dr. David Bray
Art Director: Christine Marque
Director of Photography: Dan Marque 
Grip: Alex Ding
Talent: Sharon Ford