Barking Squirrel Media

SafeinHome: Chris’ Story


Crafting a film to showcase SafeinHome and its remarkable capacity to enhance home safety through various devices was a deeply impactful experience. We had the privilege of documenting the journey of Chris Cooley, who lives alone with his loyal companion, his dog. Our cameras captured the transformation in Chris’s life as SafeinHome’s innovative technologies seamlessly integrated into his daily routine. From smart sensors that monitored his well-being to remote communication devices that provided peace of mind to his loved ones, the film showcased how SafeinHome’s solutions empowered Chris to maintain independence and safety within the comfort of his own home. Through compelling storytelling and intimate interviews, we highlighted the profound impact of technology on individual lives, leaving viewers inspired by Chris’s journey and SafeinHome’s mission to ensure that people like him can continue to live confidently and securely in their homes.

Producer & Director: Dr. David K. Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Cam op 2 & gaffer: Matt Henkes
Grip: Alex Ding
Audio: Troy Howard of Iron Wing Studios
Interviewee: Chris Cooley
Pilot Dog: Larkin