Barking Squirrel Media


Video production for CSX is such a rewarding experience and we are so thankful to Crop  Media for trusting us to film these projects. CSX is so committed to giving back to every community in which they operate. In this film, CSX bought the playground equipment for an elementary school in Greenup, Ohio. CSX employees and leadership came from various Midwest locations to put down two feet of mulch. The mulch will protect children if they fall.  

In this video, you will hear from the children and the principal of the Greenup Elementary School as well as CSX leadership. The gratitude the children demonstrate is moving and the generosity of the CSX leadership will inspire you. Imagine how corporations could change the world for good by following the example of CSX. 

Agency: Crop Media
Video Production: Barking Squirrel Media
Director: Dr. David K Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Gaffer/Photographer: Christine Marque
Audio: Reid Rice
Editor: Crop Media