Barking Squirrel Media

Whisper Pet Commercial Campaign

The goal of this  storytelling video campaign was to launch a new product using a humorous approach to engage online social media audiences. This series of comedic videos plays upon the age-old battle between dogs and cats in a home in a playful twist.  The videos explore the science of the odor eliminating product through playful banter between puppets and pets. The product was produced in northern Kentucky. 

Storytelling Video Campaigns allow the video production company to relay crucial information over a series of short films. There is no pressure to force all content into a single video. This allows videos to be shorter, respecting the business and short attention spans of online audiences. 

Agency: YGB

Creative: Matt Berning

Puppet Designer: Madcap Productions 

Production: Barking Squirrel Media

Story: Nathan Dye
Actor and puppet master: Leilani Barrett
Director: David Bray
Producer: David Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Key Gaffer: Jeremiah Kirby
Key Grip:
Kent Lipps
Audio Mixer: Reid Rice
Editorial: Barking Squirrel Media
Editor: Dan Marque