Pones: The Transformative Power of Dance

Pones: The Transformative Power of Dance Client: Pones Design: BLDG Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media Pones launched a new brand in 2020. With collaboration with BLDG design, Barking Squirrel Media created a film detailing the main pillars of Pones in a fun, color-filled way. Director: Christine Marque Producer: Christine Marque Director of Photography: Dan Marque 1st […]

Humorous University Video: Director’s Cut

The Survival Guide to Creating a Portfolio We are thrilled to produce this humorous university video for Miami University’s Art Department. We specialize in taking large volumes of information and creating a concept that will bring it to life. We then write highly engaging and funny script that will engage a young target audience and […]

WEBN Fireworks & Riverfest

WEBN Fireworks & Riverfest https://vimeo.com/359869373/28504601ed Client: iHeart Media Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media This video was created to show all the fun of a WEBN Fireworks & Riverfest! This also highlights all of the sponsors to this event. Director: David BrayProducer: David BrayDirector of Photography: Dan Marque2nd Camera Op: Christine MarqueProduction Assistants: Jay Smith, […]

Busken Bakery Sprinklefest

Sprinklefest https://vimeo.com/361346742 Client: Busken Bakery Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media Busken Bakery needed a fun and unique video series to promote their event, SprinkleFest. Barking Squirrel Media created a unique, sprinkle-filled environment to show the inner kid that’s in all of us. Director: Christine MarqueDirector of Photography: Dan MarqueProducer: David BrayGaffer: Austin VeselyProduction Assistants: Tan Do, Drew […]

Afinia Dental Social Media Campaign

Afinia Dental Social Media Campaign https://vimeo.com/352333351 Client: Afinia Dental Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media The primary goal of this 18 spot video campaign was twofold: to introduce four key staff members from each of four locations and  discuss what makes Afinia Dental such a special place. The approach was authentic testimonials with storytelling b-roll.  Director: David […]

Women Helping Women Story

Women Helping Women: A Day in the Life of an Advocate Client: Women Helping Women Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media Every year, Women Helping Women hosts a fundraiser to raise funds for a certain program. This video was created to show the hectic schedule of an advocate and the dire need for more prevention. We worked […]

Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

NKCAC: Dixie’s Story Filming for the organization NKCAC (Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission) provided an opportunity to share the poignant story of Dixie, a resilient woman facing adversity while seeking support for herself and her child. Through our lens, we captured the profound impact of NKCAC’s services, showcasing how they provided a lifeline during challenging […]

NKU Slice Of Life Campaign

Northern Kentucky University: Further Faster Campaign Client: Northern Kentucky University Agency: AGAR Production: Barking Squirrel Media Barking Squirrel Media partnered with Agar and NKU for their Further Faster campaign to tell encouraging stories of non-traditional students at NKU for their fundraising event, Further Faster. This campaigned showcased how NKU has taken their students further and […]

Charlie Winburn Political Storytelling Campaign

Charlie Winburn Story https://youtu.be/hasy-Gcu5_U Client: Charlie Winburn Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media This series of films, a long play for presentations and 8 short plays for social media, were designed to tell the story of politician Charlie Winburn and win the hearts of Cincinnati voters.  Story: Josh Burton & Jake HesslingDirector: David BrayProducer: David […]

Duffle Shuffle Kick Off Video (Full Version)

Duffle Shuffle Kickoff https://youtu.be/h50mfO1Um6o Client: Children’s Home Northern Kentucky Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media & Untold Content Barking Squirrel Media & Untold Content produced a series of 40 social media videos to launch #DuffleShuffle. The #DuffleShuffle is a movement around this cause. We’re inspiring our city and the nation to collect duffle bags and […]