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Cinematic Videos for Supply Chain

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Barking Squirrel Media produced this series of 8 cinematic videos for a network of the nation’s largest supply chain companies to promote careers in the Supply Chain at the request of Gov. Matt Bevin and Supply Chain OKI. Our target audience was juniors and seniors in high school who may not have the ability to go to college but needed meaningful employment and an eduction. Most of the companies in supply chain will pay for a students’ college tuition while they work in supply chain careers. 

We used our discovery process and interviewed HS and university students and teacher/professors, leaders in the major supply chain companies and the non-profits that ready people for employment. These discovery sessions helped us understand the problems that needed to be solved in order to get more people into careers in the supply chain industry. 

We learned that there were several problems that prevented young people from pursuing supply chain careers. First, students didn’t even know what supply chain was or how if worked. Second, they were unaware of the many educational and employment opportunities available in the field locally. Third, they viewed anything related to manufacturing as low technology, low pay with promotional opportunities. They viewed manufacturing and supply chain as the career of their grandparents who complained about a filthy work environment. What we learned was this was totally untrue so we had create a film that dispelled these notions and demonstrate the opposite in an visually engaging and persuasive manner.

We produced a brand report that summarized our discover findings and then created a one page story outline of the story we intended to produce to help solve the supply chain problems. Once approved, we combined the many stories we learned in discovery into a single script that demonstrated in an compelling manner how SCOKI has transformed people’s live, both young and old and given them successful careers in the various areas of local supply chain.

Client: Amazon, DHL, Perfetti Van Melle, Agency: Supply Chain OKI

Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media

Story: Heather Martin
Screen Play: Heather Martin
Director: David Bray
Producer: David Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Gaffer: Christine Marque
Audio Mixer: Zach Mueller
Production Assistants: Jenna Adkins, Austin Vesely, Markela Parker
Editorial: Barking Squirrel Media
Editor: Christine Marque & Dan Marque