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St. Elizabeth Physicians: The White Rose

Compelling Video Production knows how to balance emotion with content.

Compelling Video Production & Emotion

Telling a video story that engages the emotional center of an audience is crucial for engagement and persuasion. Sometimes words such as emotion can be scary for organizational leadership, but without it marketing is just dull facts and figures. Every successful salesperson knows that making an emotional connections with the client is crucial in sealing the deal.

Compelling Video Production and St. Elizabeth Physicians

This film was designed to encourage St. Elizabeth physicians. The goals were threefold: 1) tell an emotional story about a single physician as he struggled with discouragement, 2) acknowledge the current frustrations of physicians, 3) demonstrate how medicine today, in spite of its challenges, is making a profound difference in patient care. During our discovery process, we interviewed 40 physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and HR specialists to discover their key problems and desires and created a compelling story line that would change their perception and inspire them with renewed energy.

For more information about the use of emotional engagement in storytelling, check out our blog page on this website. There are numerous article that discuss all aspects of storytelling and the need for heart engagement. The first article that may be helpful is “The Power of the Positive in Cinematic Storytelling.” Also check out “Video Production That Engages Hearts.”

Client: St. Elizabeth Physicians

Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media

Story: David Allison
Screen Play: David Allison
Director: David Bray
Producer: David Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Gaffer: Zach Gerberick
Grip: Kent Lipps
Art Director: Judy Davis
Audio Mixer
: David Bray & Dan Marque
Editorial: Barking Squirrel Media
Editor:  Dan Marque