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Positive Leaps Story

Video storytelling is one of the most persuasive forms of marketing and it is crucial to growing your online reputation and brand.

Video Storytelling Is Based on the Discovery Process

Barking Squirrel Media begins the process of video storytelling with our discovery interviews. Once we have meet with the organization’s key leadership to establish the goals of online marketing, we then guide leadership in determining the problems that their clients have and how the organization helps solve those problems

Video Storytelling Is Rooted in the Classic Story Arch

The classic story arch is based upon a hero that wants something but has an obstacle that prevents them from achieving their goals. Once we have clearly identified the problem and the solution, we choose the people inside the organization and the clients of the organization with whom to conduct zoom interviews. In partnership with key leadership,  we create a thorough list of questions that will direct the interviews. These questions help us uncover the the organization’s key differentiators and bring to the surface all the crucial elements of a compelling story that will grow an online audience. We conclude this discovery process with a brand report that demonstrates our findings. Discovery is one the most quintessential components of video storytelling. For more information on the rest of the video production“Understanding the Process.”

Video Storytelling for Positive Leaps

Positive Leaps needed an emotionally engaging film that would give parents of children with severe behavioral issues hope. We told the story of a desperate mother whose son had serious aggressive behavior and she had nearly lost hope until her son went to Positive Leaps. 

The Positive Leaps Concept

Where do you turn when your whole world is turned upside down by a child whose behavior is so uncontrollable that you’ve nearly lost all hope? Watch this story and find out!

Client: Positive Leaps

Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Mediawhich  and , 

Story: David Allison
: David Bray
Producer: David Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
1st AC: Jeremiah Kirby

Key Gaffer: Leon Barton
Key Grip: Kent Lipps
Audio Mixer: Dan Marque
Editorial: Barking Squirrel Media
Editor: Dan Marque