4C for Children Educational Videos in Spanish & English

4C for Children Educational Videos in Spanish & English Check out these 12 educational videos Barking Squirrel Media produced for our client 4C for Children. These videos are designed to help parents of children 5 years and younger interact with their children and promote brain growth and development. As always, Barking Squirrel Media tells the […]

Forward Edge Video Campaign

Forward Edge Video Campaign When the leader of educational technology for the  Cincinnati Schools needed compelling video production, they turned to Barking Squirrel Media, the leader in cinematic storytelling. We were able to scale the project to fit their budget and still produce engaging  and informative videos for the educational community. Forward Edge is an […]

UC Alumni Mural Story

UC Alumni Mural Story Our collaboration with the exceptionally talented artist Nicole Trimble was an exhilarating experience as we embarked on the journey to capture the creation of the UC Alumni mural through film. Nicole’s artistic prowess and vision were nothing short of awe-inspiring, and we were committed to showcasing her creative process in the […]

Pathway to Hope: 4 Stories of Pregnancy

Pathway to Hope: 4 Stories of Pregnancy Goal: To tell the authentic stories of unexpected pregnancies from the prospective of moms and dads. This series of short films tell the stories of Anita, Jessica, Sarah, and Tyler whose lives were profoundly transformed through the love, compassion, and services of Pathway to Hope. These are the […]

The Survival Guide to Creating an Art Portfolio: Director’s Cut

The Survival Guide to Creating a Portfolio Client: Miami University, Oxford Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media The video relays a lot of technical information on numerous topics in a visually engaging, fun, and sassy manner that will give students the confidence to complete an application to Miami University. Story: Christine Marque Screenplay: Christine Marque Director: David […]

Hamilton City Schools Video Campaign

Hamilton City Schools Public Perception Campaign https://youtu.be/xq_AzCyN4xs Client: Hamilton City School Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media Hamilton County Schools desired to change a negative perception into a positive one for members of the Hamilton business community. This campaign highlights how the mentoring relationship between teachers and students transformed the lives of students and gave […]

Miami University Storytelling

Miami University Regional Storytelling Campaign

Miami University Regional Stories Client: Miami University Regional Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media This video storytelling campaign showcases the world class education offered on the Miami University Regional Campuses. Each story features a student whose life was transformed by a professor who helped them accomplish their educational goals. Each story is built on the classic storytelling […]

NKU Slice Of Life Campaign

Northern Kentucky University: Further Faster Campaign Client: Northern Kentucky University Agency: AGAR Production: Barking Squirrel Media Barking Squirrel Media partnered with Agar and NKU for their Further Faster campaign to tell encouraging stories of non-traditional students at NKU for their fundraising event, Further Faster. This campaigned showcased how NKU has taken their students further and […]