Starter’s Sizzle Reel

EAGLE MOTORS HAMILTON REEL An starter’s sizzle reel can be a an inexpressive way to start your company’s video library. To keep costs low, this particular sizzle reel was filmed with only natural lighting and a DP. With larger budgets, sizzle reels can provide a dynamic and captivating video format that allows you to effectively […]

2022 Video Production Sizzle Reel

2022 Video Production Sizzle Reel Check out the Barking Squirrel Media’s Video Production Sizzle Reel for 2023. This reel features scenes from some of our more emotionally compelling and visually stunning storytelling. We love working with organizations that have inspiring stories and have a mission to do good in the world. We have been […]

Rocket Systems Manufacturing Reels

Rocket Systems Manufacturing Reels As the best video production company in the midwest, we love producing sizzle reels that show how medicine is made for health and wellness manufacturers. Rocket Systems makes a positive impact in real people’s lives by creating supplements that reduce inflammation and pain and help people achieve their goals in weight […]

Fives Manufacturing Videos

Fives Manufacturing Videos Why is Barking Squirrel Media the best of bread for producing manufacturing videos? First, one of the world’s largest engineering companies, Fives Group, trusts our  unique approach to manufacturing storytelling. Second, promoting manufacturing in the USA is a core value to our video production company.  Additionally, we have invested in state-of-the-art cinematic […]

The Best Manufacturing Videos Reel 2021

The Best Manufacturing Videos Reel 2021 Barking Squirrel Media has invested heavily in recent years in the latest video technology to give our manufacturing clients the expertise, quality and quantity that they need in a budget they can afford to produce fabulous manufacturing videos. Filming in a manufacturing facility poses unique challenges for a video […]

Manufacturing Reel for the Fives Group: Robotic Viper & SuperCharger

Manufacturing Reel for the Fives Group: Robotic Viper & SuperCharger This manufacturing trade show reel features the advanced robotic technology of the Fives Group, Cincinnati with high energy music, fast paced clips and text animation. This reel was designed to engage crowds walking the floor of a convention center and provide quick information in an […]

Junior Achievement Inspire to Hire Sizzle Reel

Junior Achievement Inspire to Hire Sizzle Reel We love supporting Junior Achievement and Supply Chain OKI by producing this sizzle reel of the JA Inspire to Hire Event. Both organizations are committed to helping teenagers find meaningful careers in our community. Barking Squirrel Media specializes in telling the stories of organizations that make a position […]

WEBN Fireworks & Riverfest

WEBN Fireworks & Riverfest Client: iHeart Media Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media This video was created to show all the fun of a WEBN Fireworks & Riverfest! This also highlights all of the sponsors to this event. Director: David BrayProducer: David BrayDirector of Photography: Dan Marque2nd Camera Op: Christine MarqueProduction Assistants: Jay Smith, […]

Busken Bakery Sprinklefest

Sprinklefest Client: Busken Bakery Creative/Production: Barking Squirrel Media Busken Bakery needed a fun and unique video series to promote their event, SprinkleFest. Barking Squirrel Media created a unique, sprinkle-filled environment to show the inner kid that’s in all of us. Director: Christine MarqueDirector of Photography: Dan MarqueProducer: David BrayGaffer: Austin VeselyProduction Assistants: Tan Do, Drew […]