Filming Manufacturing Videos in Mirecourt, France

Barking Squirrel Media specializes in filming manufacturing videos throughout the US and also internationally. In May of 2024, we filmed this manufacturing reel for Shepherd Chemical in Mirecourt, France. The video was filmed on two Canon C-70’s and aerial shots were filmed on the DJI Mavic Pro 2.

The objective of this shoot was to showcase the people and technology of the Shepherd Chemical Mirecourt location.  We do our best to film manufacturing equipment,  processes and products with people operating it. This humanizes the production lines and makes it more engaging. The footage and photography captured will initially be utilized for a sizzle reel. At a later time, the b-roll can be used for storytelling with a voice-over.

Because we film manufacturing facilities worldwide, we are equipped with cameras, lights and grip that are lightweight (comparatively) and pack in smaller grip cases. Experience has taught us what we have to have and what we can live without, all without sacrificing quality. Additionally, the cost of flying internationally with too much equipment can really add up and be cost prohibitive.

We flew out of Cincinnati on a Sunday afternoon and arrived in Paris at 8:30am, Paris time. We then  took a train from the Paris airport, traveling at 198 mph, to get within an hour of Mirecourt. Two large vans took the team and our equipment the rest of the way to Mirecourt. 

We began site scouting for and filming the Shepherd Chemical manufacturing videos on Monday afternoon. Fortunately, that Monday afternoon was the only sunny day of the week and capturing outdoor footage & photography  immediately provided us with wonderful drone and gimbal shoots, as well as stunning portraits of employees. The following three days were filled with filming the people and processes of chemical manufacturing at the Mirecourt location.

Barking Squirrel Media specializes in producing manufacturing videos. We have developed a process and a team, along with the right equipment, to tell manufacturing stories that are visually engaging and  strategically informative. 

We would be remiss in not telling you about the countryside in France. The trip from Paris to Mirecourt was mesmerizing and stunning. The entire trip, we were surrounded by  such pristine nature, beautiful, green rolling hills, farmland and forests. It felt like everything we saw had been perfectly color graded. Additionally, the hotel we stayed at in Mirecourt (Hotel Burnel) was so charming, right out of romantic movie! 

The leadership and employees of Shepherd Chemical, Mirecourt were amazing hosts and exceedingly gracious. Each night we were treated to a 4 course meal and ate like royalty. Even the lunches we were served were four course lunches! What an experience.and processes

Director: Dr. David K Bray
Director of Photography: Dan Marque
Photographer: Christine Marque
Gaffer: Matt Henkes
Grip: Alex Ding
Editor: Dan Marque