Fives Manufacturing Videos

Why is Barking Squirrel Media the best of bread for producing manufacturing videos? First, one of the world’s largest engineering companies, Fives Group, trusts our  unique approach to manufacturing storytelling. Second, promoting manufacturing in the USA is a core value to our video production company.  Additionally, we have invested in state-of-the-art cinematic camera equipment. In […]

Celanese Manufacturing Sizzle Reels

Celanese Manufacturing trusted Barking Squirrel Media to film all aspects of their Hebron, KY facility for a manufacturing video campaign. Barking Squirrel Media worked with the Celanese leadership to develop a filming plan, scale the scope of the project to their budget, build the right production team to accomplish their video manufacturing goals and site […]

Video Production Storytelling: A Hope Realized production storytelling captures our imaginations & inspires our hearts. Watch this emotionally compelling story of Hope Human Services, a direct support service provider  in Tacoma, WA. Their goal has always been to deliver client-centered services to people with mental and physical disabilities. Now, with the help of SafeinHome’s remote technology, Hope Services made Bryon’s […]

Zumbiel Packaging Manufacturing Video Campaign

Gulo Solutions contracted Barking Squirrel Media to produce twenty manufacturing videos for Zumbiel Packaging. Gulo Solutions built a new commercial website for Zumbiel Packaging and managed the discovery process. First, Barking Squirrel Media worked with Gulo to develop a creative and effective approach for the films. Additionally, we site scouted, storyboarded, created daily film schedules, […]

Brandon’s Story: SafeinHome

Discover how Brandon was able to live independently in his own apartment for the first time in his life with the help of remote support from SafeinHome. Barking Squirrel Media is the best video production company in the US that specializes in producing authentic and inspiring stories of organizations that truly care about putting goodness […]

Stacey & Emily Story: SafeinHome

Learn how remote services of SafeinHome gave their clients the freedom to live independent and self-determined lives and have the confidence and peace of mind to live on their own. With SafeinHome’s remote support, Stacey and Emily now have people to talk to 24/7. Barking Squirrel Media travels the world telling the stories of organization […]

Braxton-Weber Commercial

Check out this new & exciting Braxton–Weber commercial produced & directed by Kyle Ebersole and filmed by Barking Squirrel Media. We love creating commercials that highlight the positive experiences a product brings to our lives. Braxton’s beer and Weber’s grill help us all nurture family and friends and create wonderful memories for a lifetime. Producer/Director: […]

Manufacturing Video

We Are Shepherd Chemical Manufacturing Video

Here is a manufacturing video sizzle reel produced for Shepherd Chemical. Shepherd Chemical is a favorite client of Barking Squirrel Media. We produce manufacturing videos throughout the country and the world but this manufacturer is the best of the best for so many reasons. Their culture is admired nationwide and their chemical products are sought […]

The Best Manufacturing Videos Reel 2021

Barking Squirrel Media has invested heavily in recent years in the latest video technology to give our manufacturing clients the expertise, quality and quantity that they need in a budget they can afford to produce fabulous manufacturing videos. Filming in a manufacturing facility poses unique challenges for a video production company. When you are searching […]

Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Videos

Barking Squirrel Media was honored to work with the AGAR Agency to produce a video campaign for Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Hospital. We told the stories behind the making of this extraordinary  six hundred million dollar Critical Care Building. During this Covid Pandemic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital decided to do a virtual grand opening and AGAR […]