Video Production for Empower: Hannah’s Story

Video Production for Empower: Hannah’s Story Video production that focuses on stories about organizations that make a profound improvement in people’s lives is our passion and expertise.  The Empower Project perfectly exemplifies this. Hear the stories of four women who overcame drug addiction as mother’s of children. They tell what it was like to […]

RetireMed Testimonial Brand Videos

We produced these testimonial brand videos for RetireMed to give potential clients an overview of who they are, what they do and how the make a positive impact in people’s lives. RetireMed leadership wanted to communicate their story through their own leadership, employees, clients and outside companies that utilize RetireMed’s services. Barking Squirrel Media produced […]

Compelling Video from SafeinHome: Gifts of Independence

Compelling Video from SafeinHome: Gifts of Independence Hear four moms talked about how the services and products of SafeinHome gave their children with mental &/or physical disabilities the gift of independence in this compelling video from Barking Squirrel Media. In this film, we feature the authentic, heart-felt stories of independence, choice, peace of mind, self-determination […]

Stacey & Emily Story: SafeinHome

Stacey & Emily Story: SafeinHome Learn how remote services of SafeinHome gave their clients the freedom to live independent and self-determined lives and have the confidence and peace of mind to live on their own. With SafeinHome’s remote support, Stacey and Emily now have people to talk to 24/7. Barking Squirrel Media travels the world […]

Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Videos

Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Videos Barking Squirrel Media was honored to work with the AGAR Agency to produce a video campaign for Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Hospital. We told the stories behind the making of this extraordinary  six hundred million dollar Critical Care Building. During this Covid Pandemic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital decided to do a […]

Mini-documentaries: Michelle Madden & SiH

A Provider Story: Michelle Madden Barking Squirrel Media produces mini-documentaries for companies & organizations nationwide. Such stories allow us to explore issues that need to be discussed,  debated and illuminated. We are most fulfilled when we can tell the stories of people that are helping those that no one helps. This mini-documentary tells the story […]

SafeinHome Interview of Don Shirley & Chris Cooley

SafeinHome Interview of Don Shirley & Chris Cooley Discover why remote services by SafeinHome is helping individuals with developmental disabilities live independent and purposeful lives with this interview of Don Shirley (president of SafeinHome) and Chris Colley (long time customer). Don discusses the challenges facing DD individuals who desire more freedom and control of their […]

A Mini Documentary: A Mother’s Story

A Mother’s Story: Ben & Bertra Check out this compelling mini documentary Barking Squirrel Media produced for SafeinHome. Story discovery was done through multiple zoom interviews prior to arriving to film in Arlington, Virginia. The goal of this story was to give hope to mother’s of severely autistic children. Bertra refused to accept the dismal […]

Video Production for SafeinHome: Donna & Emma

SafeinHome Video Production: Donna & Emma Barking Squirrel Media is a video production company with offices in Cincinnati & Chicago that specializes in compelling storytelling.  Therefore, video storytelling for SafeinHome is profoundly rewarding because we can tell the stories of individuals that have overcome significant barriers to live lives of independence and self-actualization. In this […]

Afinia Dental Storytelling Campaign 2021

      Afinia Dental Storytelling Campaign 2021 Goal: To relay the key brand pillars of Afinia Dental through the Hero’s Journey approach to storytelling. Our unique storytelling discovery process allowed us to interview key leadership and patients throughout the company to find the compelling differentiators that drive the mission of Afinia Dental. From […]