The Best Manufacturing Videos Reel 2021

Barking Squirrel Media has invested heavily in recent years in the latest video technology to give our manufacturing clients the expertise, quality and quantity that they need in a budget they can afford to produce fabulous manufacturing videos. Filming in a manufacturing facility poses unique challenges for a video production company. When you are searching […]

Fives Group: Robotic Viper & SuperCharger Manufacturing Reel

This manufacturing trade show reel features the advanced robotic technology of the Fives Group, Cincinnati with high energy music, fast paced clips and text animation. This reel was designed to engage crowds walking the floor of a convention center and provide quick information in an entertaining manner. To learn more about Fives Group, go to: […]

Gutter Topper

Barking Squirrel Media produced this long form commercial for Gutter Topper, the nation’s premiere gutter protection company. The goal was to relay a lot of information about the company while keeping it energetic and engaging. Who wants to be on a ladder every year cleaning leaves and more out of gutters? Agency: Dimalanta Design Group […]

Fives Group: NeoKoil Galvanizing

This film features all aspects of the manufacturing line installed at Steel Dynamics Inc by Fives Group. This film combines filming with cameras in steadycam systems,  DJI drones, informative, animated texts, voice over, testimonials,  engaging music and weeks of editing to create an informative and entertaining video for manufacturing trade shows around the world. To […]

Plus Group Brand Video The Plus Group Brand Video was designed to explain the three-in-one company process and demonstrate the employees experience and expertise in design and manufacturing. This film was driven by a professional voice over artist but sprinkled scripted responses from real employees in the film. We filmed for two consecutive days at a 3 locations. […]

JK Kilfoil Brand Story Agency: Brandstrength Story/Script: Neal Tew Producers: Christine Marque & David Bray Director: Christine Marque Director of Photography: Dan Marque Assistant Camera: Matt Henkes Cam PA: Alex Ding Editorial: Barking Squirrel Media Editor: Dan Marque

Shepherd Chemical 2019 Storytelling Campaign

Shepherd Chemical Storytelling Campaign Client: Shepherd Chemical Creative & Production: Barking Squirrel Media This campaign was developed to bring Shepherd’s key market differentiators to life through the power of film. Barking Squirrel Media produced 8 videos for the newly designed Shepherd Chemical website. The approach was to be authentic, strategic, and feature the unique solutions […]