Brandon’s Story: SafeinHome

Brandon’s Story: SafeinHome Discover how Brandon was able to live independently in his own apartment for the first time in his life with the help of remote support from SafeinHome. Barking Squirrel Media is the best video production company in the US that specializes in producing authentic and inspiring stories of organizations that truly care […]

The Best Manufacturing Videos Reel 2021

The Best Manufacturing Videos Reel 2021 Barking Squirrel Media has invested heavily in recent years in the latest video technology to give our manufacturing clients the expertise, quality and quantity that they need in a budget they can afford to produce fabulous manufacturing videos. Filming in a manufacturing facility poses unique challenges for a video […]

A Mother’s Story: Ben & Bertra

A Mother’s Story: Ben & Bertra Here is a mini-doc Barking Squirrel Media produced for SafeinHome. Story discovery was done through multiple zoom interviews prior to arriving to film in Arlington, Virginia. The goal of this story was to give hope to mother’s of severely autistic children. Bertra refused to accept the dismal diagnosis […]

P&G: This Is Love Campaign

P&G: This Is Love Campaign We embarked on an inspiring journey when we had the privilege of filming the series titled “This is Love” for P&G. This groundbreaking series delves into the vibrant world of LGBTQ+ pride and the profound acceptance that P&G extends to its diverse family of employees. Through powerful storytelling and authentic […]

AGP P&G Superiority Showcase

P&G Superiority Showcase When we were tasked with creating the intro video for P&G’s online conference, “Superiority Showcase,” our goal was to set the stage for a truly global and captivating event. We knew that the opening moments would be critical in capturing the audience’s attention and building excitement. Through meticulous planning, creative storytelling, and […]