Here Are the Different Types of Product Marketing Videos

It is not uncommon to see businesses invest in the creation of videos that will showcase their products. Product marketing videos are so common that sometimes, we don’t even realize we are watching one.

What Is a Product Marketing Video?

A product marketing video is a short video created to showcase a product or service and is used to inform potential customers of its existence. These videos can be used on a company’s website or social media or they can be embedded in an email or a blog post.

A product marketing video can also be used to explain how the product works and why it’s better than other products on the market.

What Are the Types of Product Marketing Videos?

There are various types of product learning videos that you may encounter. If you are interested in making one or just learning about it, then you have come to the right place. Keep on reading below to learn more about it.

1. Product Introduction

The product introduction video is mainly used to introduce a product to a target audience. It may provide a product description, background information, and other useful information about the product.

These videos can be produced with the help of a professional who will do the narration and other audio visualization. 

2. How-to Product Video

A how-to product video is a video that explains how to use a product. How-to product videos can be used by companies to show how they use their product to promote their brand, but they can also be used to show a product’s features. These are usually what people know as product demonstration videos, where the functions of a product and how to use them is shown.

3. New Feature Announcements

A new feature announcement is a short video that announces a new feature of a product. For example, a new feature or an update to an existing feature in a piece of software or a phone app. This is usually done after some customers request changes in a product or if a product that has already been released is to be innovated even more.

4. Product Unboxing

Product unboxing is a video that is usually created by customers who have just purchased a product and want to share their excitement with the world. If you are interested in making an unboxing video, then you can use your smartphone to record the whole process of opening a product that you have bought.

5. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are also known as product reviews. These are short videos in which customers talk about their experience when using a product. These can be created by a company or by customers themselves, who want to share their opinion about a product with the world.

Why Are Product Marketing Videos Important?

Product marketing videos are a great way to promote a product. They can be used by brands to communicate with their audiences and customers and to show what they’re all about. Many marketing experts believe that product marketing videos are not only a great way to showcase a product to potential customers, but they also help to boost your product’s popularity.


Product marketing videos can be created in various ways and with various purposes. If you are interested in creating a product marketing video or learning more about it, then you can do it on your own or you can hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you will need to make sure that it will be done the right way if you want to achieve the desired results.

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