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Affordable Storytelling Videos for Professionals

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We have launched a new video package that offers Affordable Storytelling Videos for Professionals such as doctors, attorneys, scientists, CEO’s and many others. It is very important to Barking Squirrel Media to create new video approaches which will give all our clients the ability to have their stories told at a price they can afford.
Affordable Storytelling Videos for Professionals
Preparing for the second interview for the Empower Stories

Affordable Videos That Make a Positive Impact

As you may know, Barking Squirrel Media tells the stories of organizations that are making a positive impact in real people’s lives, the community and the world. We have been blessed with many Fortune 500 companies as clients that have the resources for high end video production that tell large brand stories. However, we have discovered that some of the most compelling stories are of individuals that go unnoticed inside a large organizations. Often, in producing video brand stories for our clients, a company’s marketing department may eliminate certain parts of the corporate story that are inspiring and full of heart. Usually this is done to shorten the video or because that particular aspect of the story doesn’t fit with the corporate brand. And yet, the stories of these individuals are compelling, have the capacity to make a positive impact in real people’s lives and deserve to be told.
Best storytelling video production
The on camera talent is being prepared by the make up artist

Affordable Videos For Professionals That Bring a Fresh and Inspiring Approach

Barking Squirrel Media plans to showcase professions who are bringing a fresh, new and inspiring approach to their industry. These individuals may be an industry disruptor, a thought leader or anyone that brings a unique approach to their disciplines. They boldly blaze new trails in unchartered territory that distinguish them from the status quo and bring great value to their clients, employees and to their companies. They have found a new and fresh approach to the way they operate that makes their story unique and valuable to the world.
Best Storytelling Videos
Matt is working on the side dolly shot for the Empower Videos

Affordable Videos for Individuals

Therefore, we have devised a new approach to storytelling that allows us to make video production affordable for these individuals.
The video structure is simple  yet has the capacity to be inspiring, beneficial and can be produced somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000.

Affordable Videos That Are Engaging and Transformative

We have yet to meet a professional that does not have a engaging and transformative story to tell. If  you need help getting your message out, let’s schedule a zoom meeting and talk more.
Video production for individuals
Matt and Dan are discussing the framing for the A Camera

Choose a time that works for you and we look forward to chatting.