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Why Corporate Video Production Is Crucial to Your Business’ Success

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Every company makes promotional videos to sell their services or products. When companies make these videos, they should use them to get their viewers’ attention, and then encourage the viewers to act. With the power of storytelling to attract an audience, connect with your target audience, and strengthen your business, it’s not surprising that video […]

Perfect Mini-documentary Camera

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Barking Squirrel Media is a film production company located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We tell the stories of organizations that make a positive impact in real people’s lives, the community and the world. Over the past ten years, Barking Squirrel Media has traveled throughout the United States and Europe, producing mini-documentaries, corporate brand films and manufacturing […]

The Power of the Positive in Cinematic Storytelling

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What if you could make your company video so emotionally captivating that people would watch it over and over and share it on social media? You can and it’s called cinematic storytelling. All too often corporate videos are designed only to relay company information. Though this is important, it’s not really memorable, entertaining or emotional. […]