Manufacturing Video Production Behind the Scenes

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Video Production at Zumbiel Packaging Filming Industrial Printing Check out a few Instagram reels from our video production shoot for Zumbiel Packaging, Hebron, Kentucky. It’s fulfilling to use video production to create clarity and boost sales. We are filming all the intricate parts of the three types of industrial printing: Flexo, Litho and Digital. We […]

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The Basic of the Video Production Process: What to Know

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Video production is the process of creating video content, from concept to completion. It involves capturing, editing, and producing video content for various uses, including television programs, films, advertisements, web videos, and more. The video production process is complex and requires a lot of planning, creativity, and technical knowledge to produce a high-quality product. Video […]

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The Four P’s of Video Production Storytelling

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The Four P’s of Video Production Storytelling Video production grows a business when storytelling is central to the film.  To have a great testimonial storytelling video, four simple things are necessary: plot, people, places and purpose. First, a great story has a compelling plot (the classic story arch). The plot is built upon the sequence […]

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Corporate Video Production: Understanding the Process

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Corporate Video Production: Understanding the Process This article will teach what’s involved in creating a corporate video.  Video production can be broken into four processes: discovery, preproduction, production & post production. It all begins with discovery.  Discovery Pricing for preproduction varies based upon the needs of a client. A skilled filmmaker wants to know the […]

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Finding Best Video Production Company: 7 Important Questions

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Can the video production company tell a compelling story? Video production companies that know how to engage you in storytelling are more likely to captivate your clients and customers. Those that only operate with the standard videographer mentality, presenting facts and figures in unimaginative ways, will bore your audience. Can the company make average things […]

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Why Corporate Video Production Is Crucial to Your Business’ Success

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Every company makes promotional videos to sell their services or products. When companies make these videos, they should use them to get their viewers’ attention, and then encourage the viewers to act. With the power of storytelling to attract an audience, connect with your target audience, and strengthen your business, it’s not surprising that video […]