The Power of the Positive in Cinematic Storytelling

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What if you could make your company video so emotionally captivating that people would watch it over and over and share it on social media? You can and it’s called cinematic storytelling. All too often corporate videos are designed only to relay company information. Though this is important, it’s not really memorable, entertaining or emotional. […]

Avoiding Cliche in Corporate Storytelling

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Have you ever noticed that so many corporate videos all look and feel the same: predictable shots, dry facts and figures, cheesy approach, all adding up to storytelling cliche? Cliché is the enemy of effective storytelling. According to Robert McKee, the story doctor to hundreds of successful screenwriters, producers and directors, the 21st century audience […]

Cincy Chic Loves Barking Squirrel

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Since 2011, Barking Squirrel Media has been using the power of cinematic storytelling to connect audiences all over the globe. Their talented team takes corporate videos to new heights by combining the oldest form of communication known to humanity (storytelling) and the most modern technological form of engagement (film making), according to their company’s mission […]

Live Broadcast Studio Services

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Barking Squirrel Media is now offering new services! Since the start of quarantine most professionals have jumped on the video conference craze. Daily meetings are now being broadcasted from the kitchen table in your pajama bottoms. Do you have an important meeting or webinar series coming up? Want to be taken seriously and have your message heard? […]

Motel X Wins Gold!

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Hey all! Christine Marque here. I am the creative director and story editor for Barking Squirrel Media. I am also the creator and founder of an art installation titled Motel X . Motel X is a multi-media art installation bringing awareness and prevention to Human Trafficking within the greater Cincinnati area. Motel X premiered on […]

How to Choose the Best Video Production Company in Cincinnati & Nationwide

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Your company has wisely decided that it needs videos for websites, social media, and email campaigns and you’ve been tasked with finding the right video production company. Don’t stress! We will tell you everything you need to know to get started. 1. Google it and watch Begin with Google. Search for video production in your […]