Behind The Scenes

BTS of Video Production at The Hassmer House

Check out some of our favorite BTS pictures from our video production of the Hassmer House story.

  1. Kitchen Scenes
    We filmed the Hassmer House scenes on a day when the restaurant was closed. This gave our video production team complete control of the filming. We had two challenges to overcome. The first challenge was lighting each scene in such tight spaces. The second challenge was creating good camera angels in tight spaces. However, we have such a large array of lighting and grip that we made each setup pop with light. We chose to use our Canon C-70’s due to restricted space. The cameras were filmed with gimbal systems, tripods and hand held for the tightest spots. The cooks were so patient with our video production team and repeated movements as many times as we needed to get the perfect shots.

    Filming food preparations at The Hasmer House
    video production at the Hasmer House
    Filming a commercial using the Ronin
    video production in Indiana
    Filming in a restaurant kitchen
    Barking Squirrel Media producing a film for The Hassmer House
    Filming the searing of a steak
    video production in a restaurant
    Lighting the scene for filming
    filming a restaurant commercial
    DP Dan Margue is showing the camera angle to the restaurant owner
    video production for the Hassmer House 3
    More video filming of food prep
    The Canon C-70 is perfect for Ronin gimbals
    The Ronin Gimbal makes film down so easy
    Barking Squirrel Media filming food shots
    David Bray, director, is checking camera angles
    Filming two sumptuous plates of food
    David Bray, Director for Barking Squirrel Media, is watching the camera angles
    Barking Squirrel Media loves filming food

    Filming a great steak cooking on the grill
    DP is filming food with a gimbal
  2. Dining Room Scenes
    Filming in the dinning room was a dream. Natural light from the windows already provide good lighting. Dan Marque, the DP, had a great vision for how he wanted everything lite. And our Gaffers did a marvelous job of pushing light through the windows. They created the feeling of direct sunlight where it didn’t exist.  One example of this is the light against the back wall of the dining room. It feels as though this light is from the sun. Oh the wonder of film making! We were able to put the primary talent in the front table and use the rest of the dining room as depth of field. We staged talent in key positions for the camera which made everything look authentic.

    Preparing for a restaurant shot
    Barking Squirrel Media is filming a brand story
    Dan Marque, DP, is setting up a great shot
    Video production in Indiana
    Setting up the restaurant scene
    Barking Squirrel Media is filming a restaurant scene
    Barking Squirrel Media films a brand story for The Hassmer House
    checking for the perfect camera angle

    The Barking Squirrel Media team is planning the shot
    Actors are arriving for filming
  3. Bar Scenes
    It’s such a pleasure to film in spaces where things just work to create movie magic. The bar was such a space. The gorgeous wood of the bar itself, the brick wall in the back and the windows on screen right made it easy to light. Again, our DP and our gaffers decided to push light against the back wall and on the key talent to make everything look like the bar was lite by sunlight. For this scene, the camera was on a slider for opening shots and supplemented by hand held and gimbal shots. And of course kudos to the cooks and owners for providing us with such gorgeous dishes to film.

    filming a romantic moment at a bar
    Barking Squirrel Media in action filming
    Director, David Bray, is blocking the scene
    Barking Squirrel filming a commercial

  4. Outside Lighting
    Below you can see some of the outside lighting that pushed light through the bar scene windows.
    Check out the final product!
    The Hassmer House Story