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Manufacturing Video Production Behind the Scenes

Filming on a Dana Dolly 2

Video Production at Zumbiel Packaging

Filming a Litho Printer in Action
Video Production for Zumbeil Packaging

Filming Industrial Printing

Check out a few Instagram reels from our video production shoot for Zumbiel Packaging, Hebron, Kentucky. It’s fulfilling to use video production to create clarity and boost sales.

We are filming all the intricate parts of the three types of industrial printing: Flexo, Litho and Digital. We love learning how things work and making videos that help others understand the manufacturing process.

See What We Are Filming in Video Production

Below, you see what Dan Marque, our Director of Photography is filming. The precision of Litho printing is an amazing thing to film and watch. The repetitive motions are almost hypnotic.

See How We Use Video Production

In this video, you can actually see how Dan is filming. The camera is sitting on a dana dolly so the camera can rolls smoothly from right to left and in some case back to front. Camera need to be in motion to increase engagement and retain the audiences attention longer. The longer we hold their attention, the more an audience learns about your products, processes and people. And that drives sales!

See Who Is Filming

Here is a short compilation of a number of iPhone videos of the video production action. To be nimble and cost efficient, we are working with a small five person crew: Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Grip and photographer.

Learn About the Printing Process

Finally, we see our DP filming a close up of ink being poured on the cylinder of one Litho printing station. Litho ink consists of soybean oil. The litho printing plates are based on the principal of oil and water not mixing. The white parts of the printing plates accept water which repeals oil. Therefore no ink will be accepted. The colored parts of the plate have not water and accept the ink. What is fascinating about this process is the precision of the colored dots and how extremely small each dot can be. The result is a color print that is extraordinary in precision.